Recent Projects

Federal Reserve Bank Building, Seattle 2019

Federal Reserve Bank, Seattle, WA

This Project is underway and includes removing large granite and sand stone cladding from interior and exterior walls of the building and crating for transport. These stones are 56 inches by 56 inches and weigh an average of 400 pounds each. We are using state of the art machinery and hoist systems to strategically remove them without further damage. We then haul the stones to an offsite storage facility where they will be fixed with fiber backing and then reinstalled after the new building is constructed.

White Bluffs Bank, Hanford 2018 Washington State Historic Preservation Officer's Award winner.

Restored White Bluffs Bank, White Bluffs, Washington

White Bluffs bank is a project of great historical significance. It may not look as incredible as some of our other work, but it was a pile of rubble in the desert. It is one of the few buildings partially remaining from the town of White Bluffs that the government took over to start the Manhattan Project.  We were honored to bring our expertise to formulate plans, design materials and resurrect this building that had been abandoned in the extreme conditions of the Hanford Reach area. We worked in sub zero temperatures and extreme heat while keeping workers safe to make this restoration happen. This project earned the SHPO award in restoration for the state of Washington. 

Salish Crossing Arch Restoration


This former Edmonds High School arch was in pieces in storage. Our experts restored the terracotta arch, installed and built an accommodating structure. 

Bing Kung Seismic Upgrades

Seismic upgrades on the historic Bing Kung Seattle, WA.

The Bing Kung is a mixed space consisting of forty low-income units above first floor retail spaces. In the multi-phased process of rehabilitating the building, seismic upgrades were made throughout the building while keeping historic material intact and the building remained occupied without disruption.