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What do we do?

Expert mason restoration in progress

We do a wide variety of commercial masonry restoration, water- proofing, soil permeation grouting, seismic upgrades. Together with our experts, we can find solutions to your building needs. No space is too small, too hard to get to or too wet for us to fix. 

I am building a high-rise in an urban area but must keep existing, historical, masonry facade, what is the solution?

Masonry Restoration Consulting

We have done this many times in the past and are currently working on 2 buildings with this happening. The Firestone in Seattle, Washington is becoming a new building and the existing brick and terra-cotta facade must stay historically intact. We are securing the structure to avoid damage during major construction of the new building and repairing the existing wall. Installing ties to secure the facade according to current building codes and restoring the materials to excellent condition. 


Below grade

Masonry Restoration Consulting's water-proofing division has extensive experience in water-proofing of all types.